William F. Felice - Professor | Speaker | Author
William F. Felice - Professor | Speaker | Author


Targeting the poor, rewarding the rich — does anyone care?

May 15, 2018     Tampa Bay Times

The myth of U.S. militaryspending

March 21, 2018     Tampa Bay Times

The Normative Framework of the Right to Development

January 2018    

E-Learning Module of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on:
"The United Nations Right to Development and Sustainability Goals."

The Homophobia Epidemic

October 24, 2017     Creative Loafing

Black Lives Don't Matter

August 4, 2017     Tampa Bay Times

The ethics of conviction and responsibility in the Trump administration

June 8, 2017     Tampa Bay Times

What's William Felice reading?

September 15, 2016     Tampa Bay Times

Perspective: Learning to think critically for yourself

August 28, 2015     Tampa Bay Times

Linking Law and Economics: Translating Economic and Social Human Rights Norms into Public Policy

2015     University of California Press

Chapter two in Closing the Rights Gap: From Human Rights to Social Transformation, (eds) L. Haglund & R. Stryker.

Perspective: a museum that gives meaning to liberal arts

August 7, 2014     Tampa Bay Times

What The Liberal Arts Hope to Teach

August 14, 2013     Tampa Bay Times

The Art of Teaching

August 1, 2013     Education Views


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