William F. Felice - Professor | Speaker | Author
William F. Felice - Professor | Speaker | Author

Other Publications

America as an Ordinary Nation,: Human Rights & Human Welfare, November 2008.
Available at: http://www.du.edu/korbel/hrhw/roundtable/2008/panel-c/11-2008/felice-2008c.html

“Has the Iraq War Torpedoed the ‘Responsibility to Protect’?,” Human Rights & Human Welfare, October 2008.
Available at: http://www.du.edu/korbel/hrhw/roundtable/2008/panel-c/10-2008/felice-2008b.html

Saving Lives: A First Step Toward Freedom Not Dependence,” Human Rights & Human Welfare, September 2008.
Available at: http://www.du.edu/korbel/hrhw/roundtable/2008/panel-c/09-2008/felice-2008a.html

Negative View of Islam is Misleading,” St. Petersburg Times, 4 November 2001.

Review of Susan Bazilli’s article “Reflections of a Global Women’s Activist,” published in Human Rights Dialogue, Series 2, No. 4, Fall 2000.

Don’t promote idea that election is all about image,” St. Petersburg Times, 29 August 2000.

Time for the U.S. to Accept International Law,” Point of View Column on the Website of the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, www.cceia.org/, June, 2000.